Jason Garcia

My work documents the ever-changing cultural landscape of my home of Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico. My Tewa cultural ceremonies, traditions, and stories, as well as 21st century popular culture, comic books, and technology, influence my art. Using traditional materials and traditional Pueblo pottery techniques, along with various printmaking techniques, including lithography, serigraphy, monotypes and etching, I feel that it is important to keep alive the ceramic traditions that have been passed down to me since time immemorial. I feel that these materials and techniques connect me to my Ancestral past and landscape, but also connect myself and future generations to our Tewa cultural traditions. The printmaking media is another way of creating, teaching, and sharing these stories and traditions to a greater audience.


Jason Garcia full portrait
screenprint of woman holding cellphone

Corn Maiden #26

Hand pulled 10 color serigraph print
Edition of 30
16″ x 20″