Imaging Self: Photography and the Mediated Image 2021

Imaging Self

Imaging Self is a program to learn about yourself through artistic expression, work with practicing artists and faculty, and get to know UW-Madison. You will explore how you see yourself and how others see you, using different art forms and mediums to ask and answer questions, solve problems, and present your ideas.
As the Covid-19 pandemic presents new challenges in how courses are taught, students are tasked with using their cellphones to capture images of themselves and the world around them. With UW-Madison Professor Tomiko Jones, and assistance from Alex Conrad of Badger Precollege, Graduate Student Cullen Houser, and Community Manager Scout Testard, the Imaging Self course gave students the time and space to explore their artistic practice through the lens of photography.
Course Outline:

This course explores photography as a vernacular tool for Imaging Self, reflecting on identity through place, culture, and popular media. Focus will be on self-representation, while investigating the representation of others historically in Western media, North America and the United States.

Online course includes presentations, class readings and discussions, and assigned projects in lens-based based media. Though photography is the main medium students may choose to explore additional related media such as audio or video.

Main Assignments explore themes around self, while the Final Project will be the students’ choice of direction, discussed in a proposal,  and developed the second week of the course.

Professor Tomiko Jones
From "Hatsubon" series 2016